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Jamieshow Doll

"BLUE HEAVEN" Gene Outfit - Ashton-Drake - Fits Dolls: Jamieshow/Integrity/Zita


Gene AD “First Close Up” Movie Fashion Mint and Complete Madra Zita Jamieshow


Madra So Evil My Love Fashion Mint and Complete Gene Violet Zita Jamieshow


Gene AD Hat Handbag With Two Snoods Madra Violet Zita Jamieshow


16" Gene Madra JAMIEshow Released 1996 1947c "CRESCENDO" outfit ONLY NRFB


Gene Cognac Evening Cocktail Fashion Mint and Complete Madra Zita Jamieshow


Gene "Perfect Match" Pink Doll Blouse ONLY Fits: Scarlett/Ivy/Jamieshow/Alex


Gene "Blue Heaven" 3 Pc. Doll Dress ONLY Fits:Jamieshow/Integrity/Zita/Ivy


JAMIEshow 16" Doll Hardcap Wig, Aurburn, Wavy, thick, Magnet Style


Gene "A Lady Knows" Black Doll Sweater ONLY Fits: Lucy/Scarlett/Jamieshow/Zita


Gene "Everything's Coming Up Roses" 2 Pc. Doll Suit ONLY Fits: Jamieshow/Zita


Gene "I Do" Doll Wedding Dress/Veil ONLY Fits: Jamieshow/Scarlett/Alex/Violet


Gene "Avant Garde" Doll Dress/Underskirt/Hat ONLY Fits: Jamieshow/Alex/Violet


Gene "Kiss Me, Gene" Doll Dress/Stole ONLY Fits:Jamieshow/Ivy/Madra/Violet/Zita


Gene "Cognac Evening" Doll Dress ONLY Fits:Jamieshow/Ivy/Madra/Violet/Alex/Zita


Gene "She'd Rather Dance" Doll Gown ONLY Fits:Jamieshow/Alex/Zita/Violet/Ivy


JAMIEshow Palm Springs Zita Outfit Only Gene Madra


Gene Derby Dreams OOAK Convention Outfit w/Antoinette shoes Fits Jamieshow too


Black Faux Fur Stole 16-18” Dolls Gene Madra Zita Jamieshow Ellowyne Kingdom


Gene "On The Veranda DOLL Dress/Hat/Underskirt ONLY Fits: Jamieshow/Ivy/Zita


Madra Ashton Drake "Pink With Envy" Doll Jacket/Skirt ONLY Fits: Jamieshow/Zita


Gene AD Shoe Boxes Empty Set of Six Mint Jamieshow Diorama Display


Gene "Press Conference Doll 2 Pc. Outfit ONLY Fits:Jamieshow/Ivy/Madra/Violet


Gene "Iced Coffee" Doll Gown ONLY Fits: Jamieshow/Scarlett/Alex/Zita/Violet/Ivy


Gene "A Lady Knows" Doll Skirt/Belt ONLY Fits: Lucy/Alex/Jamieshow/Rose/Tyler


Jackie Franklin Mint "Inauguration Day" Doll Dress ONLY Fits: Jamieshow/Lucy/Ivy


Pattart Custom Hardcap Wig for 16" BJDs, Sybarite, Numina, Jamieshow, Blonde NEW


Jackie Franklin Mint Yellow DOLL Gown ONLY Fits:Jamieshow/Alex/Integrity/Zita


Gene "Hello Hollywood" Doll Top ONLY Fits: Alex/Violet/Madra/Jamieshow/Zita


Gene "Blue Goddess" Doll Dress ONLY Fits:Jamieshow/Ivy/Madra/Violet/Zita/Alex